[Pebble] Apps that work for Starbucks Malaysia



Still paying Coffee using Starbucks Card? You are out~! Or you think that paying it using mobile app is very high-tech ? NO…You are not cool at all~!

With Pebble, there are few apps that work for Starbucks in US country…How about Malaysia? does it still work? The answer is no and yes…

Let’s read this post for review of PebbleBucks app tested with few Starbucks store in Malaysia and indeed this is the only app that work for me so far.


Link : https://apps.getpebble.com/applications/53820c69ad57fd7a430000c9

After few reads of this app, PebbleBucksE reinvented by EricWood originally was a project developed by Alexsander Akers named as PebbleBucks and after due to some trademark issue, PebbleBucks creator has developer its second edition a.k.a JavaPay which using QRCode instead.

I have tested JavaPay somehow it’s not working to me…The Starbucks scanner seem can’t recognize after few tried…


The only limitation that PebbleBucksE not working well for Starbucks Malaysia is that it’s not able to retrieve update from your account even you have keyed-in the credentials info.

The app act to store your Starbucks card number. Use it to pay your coffee is good to go with as the barista still check through your balance and everything else with their POS machine & network.


It just like how you purchase a coffee using Starbucks Mobile App with your iPhone or Android device, Launch the app from your Pebble and scan it~!

121106_squarestarbucks_096-660x440  starbucks-card-mobile-scanner copy

There are few things might need to consider when you scanning with your PebbleBucksE. This is what i found after have tried in few Starbucks Store in Malaysia.

1) Brightness of the payment scanner environment. The darker the harder to get detected from the scanner.

2) Turn on your Pebble backlight while scanning.

3) Don’t place so close to the Barcode Scanner, 4-5cm would be good to scan.

4) Get ready your PebbleBucksE while queuing, otherwise people behind you watching you play cool. 🙂

Please share with me if you found QRCode or other Pebble Apps is working too.

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