How Jailbreaked Apple Gets Upgrade to iOS 7 / 越狱苹果升级iOS七代

download iOS7 beta iphone_5

Whatever your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch has jailbreaked or not. You are encourage to practised this whenever update your iDevice to latest version.

The most important thing is do full backup of your device using iCloud or iTunes



Step 0: Download those pre-requisition files(iOS7 and iOS 6.x) that suit your iDevice(iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad).

Step 1: Attach you iDevice to your Computer with latest iTunes installed.

Step 2: Turn off any auto-sync option in your iTunes.

Step 3: Make a full backup of your iDevice Data to your computer storage.

Step 4: Now Click Shift + Left Click Restore button to restore your iDevice to latest iOS 6.x

Step 5: Time to click on restore button to bring back your personal backup data that you just did.

Step 6: Update your iOS Beta version to latest via OTA by click update in your iDevice system setting.


步骤 0: 下载你设备当下最新的版本iOS6.

步骤 1: 插入你的苹果设备到电脑里,确保最新版本iTUnes已经安装.

步骤 2: 关掉iTUnes所有有关自动更新选项。

步骤 3: 完整备份 你苹果设备的资料。

步骤 4: 按下 Shift + 左按 还原健以便把刚下载的iOS 6.x还原到你的苹果设置。

步骤 5: 现在按下还原以便恢复你的个人资料。

步骤 6: 在苹果设备的设置选项里,按下更新健以便升级到最新的iOS7.


Are you ready for that? There are a 2 things you need for this pre-requisition:
iOS 7

iOS 6.4.1

iOS 6.3.1


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