[Day 0] Travel to Taiwan in Summer Day / 夏天台湾游记

Taiwan 台湾渔人码头

Taiwan 台湾渔人码头

When is the best time to travel? I believe you will choose which week give you more free leave? and cheap flight ticket for sure. Just like other Malaysian, I would prefer 0 fare flight ticket~! And it is very hard to pick your best travel time…(I have to spend 4 unpaid leave)

Who knows at last my ticket fly to Taiwan falls in 20Th of July. In other words, hot Summer and typhoon season… But It has changes my thinking after I have experienced there for a weeks

爱旅游的我当然也不会“拾书”啦~!开着一架公司电脑,一架私人笔记型,再加上苹果平板,怎么凶也就是不够快拿到我要的时间到台湾的机票。。。。最后在没有调查清楚当地状况下,买了七月二十日的七日游来回机票(可要请四天无薪工假>_<)。 糟了,怎么没想到通过下载手机得知七月十七台湾在夏天与台风强盛的季节。。。天啊~! [caption id="attachment_807" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Taiwan Travel Season Taiwan Travel Season[/caption]

Before tell you more about the journey, let’s me share with you some tips, tour guide, goodies, useful apps and other more.






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