[Trailer] Job’s American Legend Trailer

While pressing the HOME button on your iDevices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) do you ever think of a person? Who has changed your lifestyle and inspired a lot of people in the world. He is the legend, Steve Jobs.

He has left more than 2 years and now there is a documentary movie about him showing up soon on cinema. An upcoming 2013 independent film by Joshua Michael Stern. Jobs is portrayed by Ashton Kutcher. Let’s watch the trailer before that.

正当按下苹果电子产品Home键时,可否都会想起一个人?那就是一个对科技与设计理念影响了全世界生活的传奇人物 – 乔布斯(Steve Jobs)。他对简约及便利设计的推崇为他贏得了许多忠实追隨者。


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