Who is Killing Smartphone Battery Life? 谁才是智能手机电池杀手?

Smartphone Battery Drain

What reason that cause battery drain So fast? There are many reason that cause your smartphone battery run so fast even you put a side your smartphone(Sleeping). According to reseracher, there are few setting that probably kill your battery life.

1) 3G Connection
2) GPS / Location Service
3) WiFi
4) Background Running App/ Services
5) Screen Backlight


3G Connection
Switch off 3G or LTE when you not in use. 2G Network(GPRS or EDGE) is sufficient for your instant messenger such as Whatsapp, line, WeChat. They don’t need a fast network.

GPS / Location Service
Not all app require location services. so disabled those not really need and off it when you don’t need it, especially when indoor.

When you not in comfort WiFi zone, turn off the WiFi to avoid your smartphone keep searching for Access Point.

Background Running App/ Services
A research as done to app like Facebook which is main caused of draining your battery life. Do you really need a Facebook App now or Facebook WebApp is sufficient for you to surf when you free.

Android users:
1.Open the Play Store app and search for Facebook. Click the uninstall button on its main page.
2.Open your browser of choice and head to facebook.com. Log in, then press the menu button and save Facebook’s home page to your bookmarks.
3.Head to your home screen and long-press on an empty space. Choose shortcuts from the menu, select bookmark, and choose the Facebook bookmark you just created. Now you have a Facebook shortcut on your home screen that takes you to a faster, permission-free, more battery-friendly Facebook.

iPhone users:
1.Press and hold on the Facebook app and click the “X” to uninstall it.
2.Open Safari, head to facebook.com, and log in.
3.Click the “share” button in Safari’s bottom bar and choose “add to home screen.” Name it whatever you want, then tap “add.” Now you have a Facebook shortcut on your home screen that takes you to a faster, more battery-friendly Facebook.
4.iPhone users won’t notice as big of a change as Android users do, but it’s worth a shot if your Facebook app seems slow.

Screen Backlight
Reduce the brightless of your display can save your eyes and battery life.

Please share with me if you have other idea how to save battery life. 😉



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