How to Install iOS 7 Beta Without Developer Account

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The beta of iOS 7 has been out in the world for a whole week and a bit now; the catch is that you’re meant to have a paid-for developer account to install it. This being the internet, though, some intrepid people have found a way round that little bugbear.

Before you dive on in, you should recognise that this is probably illegal (or at the very least, in breach of Apple’s iOS Developer PLA). Moreover, iOS 7 beta is very much not ready for public release — through our testing (with a developer account, I hasten to add), we’ve found that the OS is stable enough, but a fair few third-party apps crash on occasion. Still, your funeral and all.


Step 0: Download those pre-requisition files(iOS7 and iOS 6.x) that suit your iDevice(iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad).

Step 1: Attach you iDevice to your Computer with latest iTunes installed.

Step 2: Turn off any auto-sync option in your iTunes.

Step 3: Make a full backup of your iDevice Data to your computer storage.

Step 4: Now Click Shift + Left Click Restore button to restore your iDevice to latest iOS 6.x
Step 5: After success restored, don’t make any Apple ID login first and click on create new id and skip the rest of the setting in your iDevice screen. Then start using your iDevice.

Step 6: Notice that your Computer has activate the iDevice. Now Click Shift + Left Click Update button to update your iOS 6.x to iOS 7 by select the ipsw file.

Step 7: After finish restore now you are on board to iOS 7.

Step 8: Time to click on restore button to bring back your personal backup data that you just did.

Step 9: Update your iOS Beta version to latest via OTA by click update in your iDevice system setting.





Are you ready for that? There are a 2 things you need for this pre-requisition:
iOS 7

iOS 6.4.1

iOS 6.3.1


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