Plants vs Zombie 2 not only for Australia User / 抢先下载植物大战僵尸2方法



The successor to the incredibly popular iOS game Plants Vs. Zombies – aptly named Plants Vs. Zombies 2 – has been teased by the company PopCap for a while now. As such, there’s a huge amount of people anxiously waiting for its release around the world.

As the upgrade to one of the most addicting and exciting games on the App Store, I know I’m not the only one who is frustrated, and slightly annoyed, that the app has been released in Australia and New Zealand significantly sooner than anywhere else. Fortunately, I’m going to be running you through a step-by-step guide so that you can install it right now on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Access the App Store in your iDevices.

Step 2: Sign out of your default iTunes account.

Step 3: Open Safari and type “” in the address bar.

Step 4: It will launch Plants vs Zombie 2 App Screen. Click on Free.

Step 5: When prompted to sign into an iTunes account, select ‘Create Account’.

Step 6. Fill out all of the initial information on the sign-up screen, it doesn’t need to be accurate apart from the email.

Step 7: On the next screen, select the payment option ‘None’. If you don’t download a free app, this option won’t be visible to you, so try again with any free application from the App Store.

Step 8: Complete the rest of the form, the information you fill in doesn’t need to be legitimate.

Step 9: An email with a verification link will be sent to the email that you supplied.

Step 10: Repeat only step 3 to start download and login with the account you just created, then the Plants Vs. Zombies 2 application will install on your device! Enjoys


著名游戏开发商 PopCap 不久前正式公布了人气大作《植物大战僵尸》的续作:《植物大战僵尸 2(Plants Vs. Zombies 2)》!

  此前早有消息称,《植物大战僵尸 2》将于七月正式上架。iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 设备都将能够享受到全新的游戏体验。

  PopCap 表示,《植物大战僵尸 2》是一款免费游戏,作品中携带内购内容。不过开发商同时强调说,免费部分“占据绝大多数”。这对于玩家来说,自然是好消息。有兴趣的朋友不妨通过以下方法抢先体验暂时只有在澳洲发行的植物大战僵尸 2!

Step 1: 在你的苹果装置打开应用商店程式。

Step 2: 登出现有的帐号。

Step 3: 打开Safari浏览器,接着进入这网址”“。

Step 4: 浏览器自动打开应用商店程式,你将会看到植物大战僵尸 2的下载界面。按免费。

Step 5: 当弹出登入界面时,选择建立新户口。

Step 6. 马马虎虎填写完个人资料接着下一步骤。

Step 7: 在第二个界面时,选择没有付款选项。(这选项唯有下载免费应用才会出现喔!)

Step 8: 接着完成以后的表格。

Step 9: 你将会收到一封由苹果发出的验证电邮。就敢敢验证吧~!

Step 10: 重复第三步骤即可~!这次登入刚刚成功激活的户口吧~!

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