Popular iOS apps go free for AppStore’s 5th anniversary / 重量级游戏应用苹果市场五周年限免大放送

Apple AppStore 5 Anniversary


Apple’s App Store turns five this week, which might be why some of the marketplace’s popular applications are now available for free.

Apple’s App Store has started offering several popular applications, including Infinity Blade II and Tiny Wings, for free. Traktor DJ, a platform for pro DJs, typically costs $19.99. As of this writing, it’s available for free. Many of the other suddenly-free apps sold previously for a few bucks.

So, what’s happening? The Verge, which was first to report on the free apps, argues that it might be an early promotion in anticipation of the App Store’s five-year anniversary. The marketplace opened on July 10, 2008.

While Apple has yet to make an official announcement regarding the free app selection, or collect them into a dedicated App Store section, it is thought that the move is in celebration of the digital storefront’s upcoming fifth anniversary on July 10.

The company sent out a poster last week detailing a timeline of major App Store milestones, including explosive growth that saw 1 billion downloads in 2009, 10 billion in 2011, and 50 billion this past May. Apple also noted that the store has generated more than $10 billion for app developers to date.


7月10日是苹果App Store正式上线五周年的日子。在App Store这一里程碑式的时刻到来之前,从本周一开始苹果公司特意挑选了数款热门的游戏或应用提供给所有App Store用户免费下载。这其中不乏《无尽之剑2》(Infinity Blade Ⅱ)、《鳄鱼小顽皮爱洗澡》(Where’s My Water?)、《翼飞冲天》(Tiny Wings)、《罪恶之地》(BADLAND)等多款售价从0.99美元至19.99美元(约合人民币6元至120元)不等的热门游戏和应用。看起来,苹果似乎将以热门App限免的方式拉开App Store上线五周年庆祝的序幕。

目前,苹果公司尚未正面对此做出回应,不过根据之前苹果发布的一张关于App Store五周年里程碑时间轴海报能够看出,目前苹果在全世界范围内App Store商店中的应用数量已经超过了90万个,并且总计下载次数已经超过500亿次,这是让人非常敬佩和赞叹的数据。

苹果App Store商店最初上线时仅为iPhone用户提供应用程序下载和安装,而在2010年开始,则专门增加了为iPad平板电脑而设计的应用,并且截止到今天已经超过了35万种。

在今年5月份,App Store商店的累计下载量正式达到500亿,而这个数字在2009年时仅为10亿,到2011年也不过100亿。


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