GPS Adapter for WiFi-Only iOS Devices / Wi-Fi iOS设备的GPS适配器

Bad Elf GPS adapter


If you have a wireless iPad equipped with the older 30 pin connection and would like to add GPS position to it. Bad Elf has created a new adapter that has been designed to add GPS support.

When used with CoPilot Live software, the new Bad Elf GPS Adapter will add GPS support to your devices without the need for a data plan of any kind. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Simply connection the Bad Elf GPS adapter to your iPad and then on the other end is a USB connector to plug into your car power. However the GPS adapter will also work without external power, if your iPad battery has enough juice.

“Transform your iPod touch and iPad Wi-Fi into a powerful and accurate voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation system. Purchase Bad Elf GPS (BE-GPS-1000) and receive an upgrade to the full-featured CoPilot Live navigation app (CoPilot compatible for US MAPS ONLY) , giving you voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions and premium navigation features for the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. You know and love your iPod touch and iPad Wi-Fi, host to many of your favorite apps and content.”

The CoPilot Software bundled with the Bad Elf GPS unit can be bought for $99.


如果你有一个无线的iPad配备了较旧的30针连接,又想给它添加GPS位置。Bad Elf已经创建了一个新的适配器的设计是为了增加GPS的支持。

Bad Elf GPS适配器只需和CoPilot Live软件一起使用,就能提供GPS支持给您的设备,而不需要任何类型的数据计划。

只需简单地连接到你的iPad,Bad Elf GPS适配器也提供一个USB连接器插入到您的车载电源。然而,全球定位系统(GPS)的适配工作,无需外接电源,如果你的iPad的电池有足够的电力。

“您的iPod touch和iPad的Wi​​-Fi变换成一个强大和精确的语音导航,转由转GPS导航系统。购买Bad Elf GPS(BE-​​GPS-1000)和接收升级到全功能的CoPilot实时导航应用程序(仅适用于美国的地图)的CoPilot兼容,让您的语音导航,转由转动方向和优质的导航功能的iPod touch,iPhone和iPad。”

Bad Elf GPS 和驾驶软件的购买价格为99美元。


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