The Next iPhone Looks Like? 下一iPhone 概念機


It’s only been a few months since Apple released the iPhone 5, but one designer already has a vision for what the next model should look like.

Federico Ciccarese, an Italian designer, has come up with a series of stunning renders for the iPhone 6 — assuming that’s what Apple ends up calling the next redesign of the device — which would represent a significant change to the phone’s external design and operating system.

The concept for the iPhone 6 is inspired by the shape of the iPod Nano, though when applied to the iPhone it bares some resemblance to the Nokia Lumia. At the same time, Federico has re-imagined the look and feel of the operating system with a concept he calls iOSX, which is a fusion between iOS and the Mac OS X.

Since it will likely be several months before the next iPhone is released, there haven’t been many rumors yet about how the device will look. One analyst recently predicted that the next iPhone would come in more screen sizes and more colors, the latter of which is something that is already available for the iPod and iPod Nano.

Ciccarese has released concept designs for several previous Apple products, including the iPhone 5 and the much-rumored Apple television, both of which featured gorgeous curved displays.

Check out the designer Ciccarese here

My personal view of it… does it looks like Nokia Lumia 900? What do you think of these mockups for the iPhone 6? Would you like to see the next iPhone look like this? Share in the comments.


第一款由意大利設計師Ciccarese所完成的iPhone 6概念機

iPhone 6的概念靈感來自於iPod Nano,重新構想外觀和操作系統,這就是iOSX,是一個iOS和Mac OS X的整合。


而設計師Ciccarese早在之前就常設計一些概念性的蘋果產品,包括iPhone 5和傳言已久的蘋果電視。

笔者认为設計有点像 Nokia Lumia 900。這次的iPhone 6會是你心目中iPhone的樣子嗎?想了解更多他的設計,也可以直接進入Ciccarese官網


iPhone 6 Concept

iPhone6 Concept Bottom

iPhone6 Concept Side

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