[iOS] EA Mobile’s New Year’s Sale EA游戏大减价

EA Sales 2012


EA have produced a huge number of hit iPad games and iOS games. iPad games like Dead Space, NBA Jam, Madden NFL, and Risk and Monopoly for iPad just to name a few. They’re also among the most active of publishers when it comes to running major sales on their games, especially around any holiday weekends.

So it’s no great surprise to see that they’re already stepping up their game for Christmas and the Winter holidays. They’ve now got a Daily Deals page that features their apps that have gone free or have big discounts on them each day. Today, for instance, the racing game Shift 2 Unleashed and The Sims Medieval are both free.

Check out their Daily Deals page here to catch some great iPad and iOS game sales over these coming weeks.
Check it out https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/electronic-arts/id284800461?mt=8


作為遊戲界一哥的EA Games當然也不甘弱。現在就一口氣將旗下55款iPhone及iPad版的遊戲大減價至最低點的US$0.99(HK$8.00/NT$30.00)。包括最新的FIFA 13 和Need for Speed Most Wanted 等。難得的掃貨時間又到了,大家準備好信用卡吧!


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