【Tutorial】How to use 2 WhatsApp in 1 iPhone? 在 iPhone 雙開大法!(Official App / 官方 App )

Let’s straight to the point that you actually can achieve it using the new official WhatsApp Business app that has just released in iOS but long ago in Android platform.

一直以來,人們也覺得 iPhone XS Max /XR 有雙卡雙待也無所用,原因是 iOS 無支援雙開(同時開兩個 WhatsApp)。近日,WhatsApp for Business iOS 版終於上架,那就是說只要安裝多一套 Business 版便可以同時一機操控兩個 WhatsApp 帳號了!

However the WhatsApp for Business app currently only available in certain region such as US . Therefore the very first step is to ensure you can download the app.

首先用戶要下載 WhatsApp for Business 版本,留意暫時只在美國 App Store 提供,那就是說先決條件要有美國 App Store 帳號。相信資深 iOS 用戶必定已有吧?

( if you don’t have the US Apple account you may try this method to get one without using credit card http://ipohzai.com/?p=173

We assume now you can access to US Apple App Store. Then you can now straight find the app using keyword “WhatsApp Business”.

假設您已經開通了美國Apple App Store帳號,現在就可以直接搜尋「WhatsApp Business」,然後下載。

Then just install it and do the second phone number setup in the WhatsApp Business app.

安裝 WhatsApp for Business 版後,啟動該 App 進行設定。

It just that easy !