[Nintendo] Complete Zelda BOTW in 30 Min. 全破《薩爾達傳說:曠野之息》僅花 30 分鐘

There is a player named「sketodara 01414」who has spent about 30 minutes to complete the Nintendo Switch RPG Game, The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild with his incredible skills.

任天堂所推出的《薩爾達傳說:曠野之息》是一款有著豐富內容的遊戲,遊戲中鼓勵玩家不斷地探索海拉爾,來讓林克獲得越來越強大的武力,進而討伐災厄加農。當然也有操作技術非凡的玩家,膽敢在一開始就將刀刃指向加農,現在一名日本玩家「sketodara 01414」更是厲害,居然只花 30 分鐘就完成討伐加農、解救海拉爾的任務。

Eventually we spent of of our time in this game to unlock the quest, collecting weapon, or rescues the 4 warrior souls so that we getting stronger and less chance getting defeated by other monster. But this guy has spent exact 30 minutes and 11 seconds to defeat the final boss Ganon. OMG~!

一般而言,玩家在討伐加農之前會先探索各個神廟,強化主角的生命力與體力,並各處蒐集武器,以及拯救英靈來削弱加農的實力。不過這名玩家靠著頂尖的技術,不消二十分鐘的時間就已抵達了海拉爾城堡,在城堡內搜刮一些武器之後,竟能把加農打得毫無還手之力,最後成功在 30 分 11 秒時完成遊戲。

Link in my BOTW still collecting apple, i guess after 30 minutes game played.
想當初林克醒來 30 分鐘後,我可能還在採蘋果呢……

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