[Tutorial] How to create and add member to Nintendo Family Group

Many of you might have signed up for the Nintendo Online Service and I believe you are keen to subscribe the Family Plan just like me in order to enjoy cheaper rate of using Nintendo Service. It only cost about RM19 per year each person if you manage to get 7 people to join you to family plan.

Assuming you already have that amount of “family member”, and now you wish to add to your family group.

1. Group admin visits to https://accounts.nintendo.com/family/add_member and click on the “invite someone to your family group”.


2. Type in your family member’s nintendo account email address.
(Visit to this post if you aren’t sure how to get the nintendo account email address, here)


3. Once click on the submit button, you potential family member should have receive email from Nintendo.
(click here if you wish to see how does the invitation email looks like)


4. Once your friend has accepted the Family group request, it will be listed under your family group list.
(Only one admin in family group and one account can only tied with one family group)


* Nintendo Family Group only allow maximum 8 family members.