[Template] How to download YouTube Video without any 3rd Party App

With the latest released of iOS 12, one of the cool feature that Apple has offered to iPhone and iPad is the “shortcuts” .

Shortcuts formerly known as Workflow and it has acquired by Apple. In this latest released of iOS updates, it then become native feature by Apple.

If you have no idea about workflow app, you might heard of IFTTT which actually having similar concept that tell iPhone to perform series of action with single click.

Here is one the template that you can try one it.

(Please use safari if you can’t download)

How to use?

1. Open YouTube app in your iPhone
2. Visit to the video that you wish to download
3. Click on the “⋮” Then click on Share
4. Under “Share a link” slide to the left until you see “⋯” and click on it
5. Click on “Shortcuts” and then “Youtube Downloader”
(If you dont see “Shortcuts” icon, slide to the left until you see “⋯” and click on it, then turn on the “Shortcuts” icon)

If you are watching YouTube using safari then you can just click on Safari’s menu button then choose “Shortcuts”. it will performs same action too.