[RetroGame] Mod RetroGame Console with Dual System

Modding your RetroGame is not that hard and the latest solution is now possible to keep both system in the console with no hurting your console hardware, meaning you can use back the original firmware and add new custom operating system to the GBA-like cartridge slot using microsd card.

Pre-requisition :
  • 1 x MicroSD card (recommend class 10 and at least 8GB)
  • Working PC (i am using Windows)

Steps :

  1. IF you already have done the rs97extloader mod, skip to step 9
  2. Make sure you have the default original firmware in the internal SD (Means to keep existing games).
  3. Prepare another SD Card (size doesn’t matter), format as FAT32, 32kb blocks, primary partition
  4. Download https://github.com/RetroArcade97/rs97extloader/releases/download/0.90/rs97extloader-0.90.1.zip
  5. Extract the zip in step 4 into the SD card you prepared at step 3
  6. Insert the SD card from step 5 into the RS-97’s GBA cart/sd slot
  7. Turn on RS97 and go to file browser and navigate to external sd
  8. Run “install.dge”
  9. Prepare your SD card that you are going to use for your CFW. Format as FAT32, 32kb block size, primary partition
  10. Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/osgc0gk182i3xtk/97Next_v1.5_EXT_SD_autoexec.7z?dl=0
  11. Extract zip from step 10 to step 9
  12. Done!

Reference : https://jutleys.wixsite.com/retrogamers97-90/home/rs-97-firmware-loader