[POV] Avengers Infinity War

(Poster image captured from internet)

By any chance I have the opportunity to watch the latest Marvel superhero movie~ Avengers : infinity war this morning with friend. I were impressed by the huge cast from the movie trailer of course just like other people do. However this is biggest cast ever after the movie of Captain America : civil war and I personally feel the story telling connection of each sense is excellent in the infinity war movie presentation. My emotional is followed the progress of the movie story and trust you will not going to miss any scene. With every excitement I have found on the movie and the one thing that make me stunned after all two and half hours is about the ending. THIS IS UNPREDICTABLE ending. You heard me right, I am stunned with the ending of this movie. Perhaps I should ask myself to continue read more with the comic version in order to find out the answer myself. Otherwise it will be empty hole to this story. “Where is the rest? ”

As usual, you will need to sit until the end of the movie in order to see what we called the “Movie Easter”. I believe it is big hint to the next super hero that will be somehow links to the ending of infinity war via a “pager”.

Hence what a missed if I just walk out the cinema and do nothing. So any Marvel fans here could tell what do you feel after the movie and are you marvel enough to tell me what happen to the next story base on your reading to the comic. Well I would encourage you to go in to cinema for this movie for the enjoyment of movie experience ~ Avengers : Infinity War to find out more.

Movie Trailer Here :