[FREE] Unifi Mobile giving away 移动上网数据免费拿 20GB x 5 SIM

Good News for Malaysia.
Just a very short period, the evolution of TM’s mobile SIM has a new name now called Unifi Mobile.
TM’s Unifi Mobile has official announced few days ago to replaces webe as their new mobility brand.
Hence, there are freebie for Unifi Mobile newbie as they are giving away 1 million SIM cards for free and it’s applicable to everyone including non-TM subscribers activated by 31 March which ever comes first.

从P1到Webe到现在的Unifi Mobile,TM短短几年更新了自家的移动网络供应商的名字。
为了刺激消费,更快地达到一百万用户的目标,现在至3月31日或1百万用户目标前,您可以免费注册成Unifi Mobile及享有20GB快速移动网络数据、10分钟免费通话、十封免费短信。无论您是否是Unifi用户,只需下载UnifiMobile应用程式并完成填写App内I want get SIM表格即可。

Inside the SIM pack
Each SIM Pack will have the following:

  • 20GB (LTE only) data
  • 50MB (3G/LTE) data
  • 10 minutes of voice calls (all networks)
  • 10 SMS (all networks)
  • RM0 credit

The Plan

  • 8GB High-speed (4GB LTE only + 4GB LTE/3G) – RM50
  • 4GB High-speed (2GB LTE only + 2GB LTE/3G) – RM30
  • 2GB High-speed (1GB LTE only + 1GB LTE/3G) – RM15
  • 1GB Basic-internet (1GB LTE/3G) – RM13

200 min calls + 200 SMS – RM30
60 min calls + 60 SMS – RM10

*Calls are charged at 60-second blocks.

How to get? 要如何申请?

  1. Download the app iOS here OR Android here
  2. After you have fill up your personal details then choose how many SIM starter pack you wish to get. Max is 5 per user.
  3. Choose your 010 / 011 mobile number.
  4. Decide to self picker or delivery.
    *RM10.60 delivery fees will be charge if prefer send to your door
  5. Make sure the items is correct then you can confirm the deal.
    Make sure the charges is RM0 if you select self pickup
  6. You will get to know when to self picker your SIM starter pack to the TMPoint that have choosen

If you are foreigner, no worry you still can get with condition. for more information please visit https://unifi.com.my/mobile/faq.html

I am a tourist. Can I register for the new unifi mobile #BEBAS?
Absolutely yes! Just download the mobile@unifi app and start registering to the new unifi mobile #BEBAS.

However as per MCMC Guidelines, the SIM expiry for tourists is ONLY 90 days from SIM activation date. A SMS notification will be sent before the auto termination is triggered.

Supported LTE Band 5 (850Mhz) phone model 支持手機款式如下:


After Used 用後感:

  • 20GB free high speed data valid until 31st March 2018 not life time. 快速上網數據只限用於2018年3月31日前。
  • 20GB free high speed only can be used in LTE coverage area otherwise 50MB for 3G capped or slow until you don’t feel like connect internet.快速上網數據只限於LTE網絡範圍。
  • Limit to few supported phone.目前只支持少部分LTE Band 5 (850Mhz) 智能手機。