[Tips] Let others to pay your bill while shopping @iTunes / @App Store / @amazon


Do you like Bad Piggie? Infinity Blade? But don’t wsh to jailbreak your device…How about purchase an original Gangnam Style to rock your iPhone?! What I try to say here is that you don’t need to spend a single dollar to buy all these thing if you are iOS user (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch)… Sound crazy or unbelievable? No worry, I am not here to SPAM you or ask you purchase something from me… Just share with you how you can do that easily. 1,2,3

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Ya. One more thing, I recommend that you have an US apple id to enjoy most of the app download without restriction of country.

The following instructions are how to do it in iTunes on a iPhone,iPad, iPod Touch:

  1. In the menu in iTunes, click Store > Sign Out
  2. Click on the App Store icon to open an App Store page
  3. Click on any FREE app to be prompt you login.
  4. Click on New a Apple ID, scroll to and choose United States and make sure you tick for None for payment method without a credit card
  5. Follow Apple’s instructions to create an iTunes App Store account by fill up some basic information.

How it works?



Bonus Tips :
Sometime, FreeMyApps will open up for Free Credits Contest via their Twitter. So just nothing wrong to follow @freemyapps

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