Sunway Pyramid Mobile App 2.0 Review and Tips

With the opening of Year End Sale 2012 last few weeks ago, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall has launched its second version of Store Locator App for iOS and first version for Android.
What so special about the new version and the major update of this version?


Malaysia First Offline Indoor Car Parking Navigation

You might have the difficulty like me who always get myself lost to find back where I have parked car.
With continue applying the fancy map design effort as finding a store, Sunway Pyramid 2.0 app now has extend the availability for Car Park Map as well.
With that, I can get back to my car via turn by turn navigation easily. Sounds good but how? Yes. Here you are :


1. Tap on the Parking menu.
2. Tap on Record Parking.
3. Scroll up and down to choose where you have parked your car.
4. Tap on Save. Done
5,6. Tap on Show Parking to Start navigate to/from store or show on Map where does your car has parked.

Other Cool Stuffs
Sunway Pyramid 2.0 App also comes with few more cool features like Happenings/Promotions and Childcare Guidelines.




Happening – More toward Sunway Pyramid Mall happening. You can retrieve the latest event with this highlight screen just like the version 1.

Promotion – New added feature to show which shop in Pyramid currently doing promotion. (I Like it~!)

Child Safe Shopping – Useful information for parents when shopping inside the mall.

Useful Tips

You might already know this before I discovered the Sunway Pyramid app with the latest iOS 6 installed in my iPad 3. I find something good to share about. 😉

1. Voice Dictation


This is helpful when you use just voice input to find a store without typing with all your fingers. (who knows one day, your hands is busy with all your shopping begs??)

2. Shortcut for your parking slot search


An alternative way to know where you have parked your car by searching in the Map menu.

2. Zoom to the Store


Under the Map Menu, now you can zoom in with 2 fingers and tap to the shop lot for more action.


To be frankly speaking, I have downloaded for other shopping mall iOS app as well. Most of them having same functionality and info screen (changes for layout?), Sunway Pyramid Apps for iOS is the most complete and really close to what shopper’s need. We really kin to see what new features will Sunway Pyramid brings to shopper for next major updates version. Not to forget mentioned that Sunway Pyramid Apps is just on board on Android Platform with version 1. Simply just key-in Sunway Pyramid in Google Play Store and you will see the “lion head” app.

For the first version review please continue to read here

Have fun with it~!

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