[Video] Catching Pikachu with PokemonGo in Malaysia 四步骤教你在马来西亚捉皮卡丘~!


Not on the PokemonGO release list? Still want to catch your first Pokemon? Here is the guide how you can catch Pikachu in Malaysia now.


1. The Key timing to Catch Pickachu is right on the begining of 3 pokemon selection screen

2. Walk away from catching these 3 pokemon

3. While you walk away, u notice that the 3 pokemon keep appearing on your screen, just ignore it and keep walking untill you see Pikachu appearing with them.

4. Gotcha, Now you get the Pikachu in Malaysia

*Please ask passenger sit next to you to help catch while you are on driving mode, safety first~!

1. 关键在于游戏开始时,在三只Pokemon选项的时候,选择离开避过它们(三只根本不是我的喜好?)

2. 不停地行走以避开那三只Pokemon

3. 那三只Pokemon大概重复出现在第五次时,您会发现身旁多了一个Pikachu。

4. 出手吧~!紧紧将它收到Pokeball里~!