[DIY] Haman / Kardon Soundstick III with IKEA NOT Floor Uplighter as Speaker Stand

Do you ever imagine how it would looks like when the award winner speaker – Soundstick III meet with the most affordable NOT floor uplighter which cost 30 bucks? Here you go…

IMG 1605

IKEA items used : NOT Floor uplighter x 2

Other item used : Haman/Kardon Soundsticks III x 1

Step Taken

1) Get ready 2 pair of IKEA NOT floor lighters. one for left and one for right.

IMG 1571

2) Assemble the light stand base on the preferable height

IMG 1622

3) Put your Soundstick III Satellite speaker on top of the cylinder position as below

IMG 1623

4) Esure “bulb closure” up-side-down.

IMG 1620

IMG 1621

5) twist the “bulb closure” until it is lockdown you soundstick III Satellite speaker.

IMG 1619

6) Repeat the step for next side of Soundstick III Satellite speaker with preferable height

IMG 1629

IMG 1628

7) Enjoy~!

IMG 1637

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